Public packages and classes

This section explain the public available classes a user can use to make his POP application.

In POP the User never has to interact with the framework directly apart in very specific occasions. Which means that the public POP API are a simple set of annotations and some helper classes, as we can see below.

If we want to add new functionality visible to the User adding parameter in one annotation or adding a method popjava.PopJava should be the preferred way to go.

In case of very specific API, like popjava.JobManagerConfig used for configuring POPJavaJobManager, it is acceptable to add a new class to the public API.


The minimum needed to use POP. This package contains all the @POP annotations for methods and classes.


We have 6 different method annotations and, generally, if we want to add an option to one we add it to the six of them, or at least half of them.


Needed for some POP specific tasks like getting the Access Point of a POP Object.

It contains all methods to initiate a new POP Object.


Used to configure the JobManager on the local machine. It’s a Proxy to methods of POPJavaJobManager.


If the user need some more control on the behavior of POP-Java. Controls include timeouts and the defaults used in various situations.


Used by @POPObjectDescription(connection = ...) to define the direct method of connection used.


JobManagerConfig is a special class that enable the configuration of a peculiar POP service, for this reason it access to extra classes.